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Auto-Number PRO III for Mac OSX 10.3 thru El Captain
Auto-Number Windows PRO

Auto-Number is a very easy to use software program developed by a printer (35+ years in the industry) to eliminate manual or letterpress numbering. The program will print up to sixteen numbers in any location, increment and duplicate. No Experience Necessary! Any person with basic computer skills is able to master this software within minutes. We've included set-up templates for the most common jobs. Use as is or modify them to your specs.
Works great with desktop printers or high speed digital printers. Merges numbering with .pdf .tif and .bmp graphic files allowing the user to print and number a job in one pass. A real money maker for jobs that just aren't cost effective to print on press! Try it before you buy. We have provided fully functional demos for you to download. You can make sure that our software will be right for you. Once you're satisfied, place your order on our secure server.

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Attention MAC users
Auto-Number PRO III has been re-coded to operate natively without Rosetta
10.3 thru El Captain
Try the demo: This latest version is very Fast!

NOTE: If you are using Auto-Number PRO or PRO II+ be aware that Apple has decided not to include "Rosetta"in the 10.7 "Lion" and later versions of their operating system. If you intend to upgrade to OSX 10.7 - El Captain etc. you will need to purchase the latest version of Auto-Number PRO III. Grab it now while it's on sale!

Auto-Number PRO merges numbers with a single page pdf or tiff document at ANY RESOLUTION. Auto-Number PRO can spool a 5000 page numbered job in minutes. Depending on the speed of your digital printer you could easily "PRINT AND NUMBER" a job in less time than it takes to set-up most stand alone numbering machines.

Auto-Number PRO III All of the great features found in PRO II+ and in addition, print and MICR number checks and bank forms in one simple operation. Blank security check stock and MICR toner cartridges are readily available from many suppliers.

Auto-Number PRO II+ includes the great features found in PRO and in addition the PROII+ version allows the font size to be changed in any of the sixteen positions. Import a multi-page pdf file. Numbers can be printed in any color, great for PMS matching. Very fast, thousands of pages processed in minutes.

Auto-Number PRO $15.95

Auto-Number PRO III $29.95

Auto-Number PRO II+ $19.95

Auto-Number Windows is a STANDALONE numbering software package written for the Printing Industry/Copy Center Professional. No third party software, extensions, service packs etc. are needed nor does it hog your system resources. This version merges numbering with a single page bmp or tif file.

Auto-Number Windows PRO In addition to the features of our standard version, PRO will IMPORT a pdf file and create a pdf file consisting of the original graphic and the numbering with no resolution loss whatsoever. Print directly from the pdf file utilizing all the printer options from your selected printer driver.

Auto-Number WINDOWS $15.95

Auto-Number WINDOWS PRO $29.95


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